Cybersecurity operators with the US National Guard work to develop new security measures

The Cold War Is Over. The Cyber War Has Begun.

September 16, 2016
David Ignatius
This is a summary of an article originally published by The Washington Post.

The author argues that the rules of cyber warfare between the United States and Russia have not been set yet, unlike the rules of nuclear conflict during the Cold War. He calls on strategists to devise new plans to counter Russian cyber actions. He notes that there are three basic responses the U.S. could pursue: respond in kind to cyber attacks, prevent attacks via stronger cyber defense or create more resilient cyber systems capable of withstanding attacks. The author cautions the U.S. against relying on the offensive strategy, as it "lacks sufficient 'overmatch' in cyberweapons to guarantee quick success." The author suggests that by recognizing the motivations of Russian hackers, U.S. policymakers should be able to devise a new framework to control this new dimension of warfare.

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David Ignatius

David Ignatius is a columnist for The Washington Post. 

Photo by J. M. Eddins Jr. shared in the public domain.