Fact-Check: Has Russia’s GDP Per Capita Really Dropped By 30% Since 2013?

August 25, 2021
RM Staff
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In a March 2021 article in FT Magazine, journalist Henry Foy wrote that Russia’s “GDP per capita is 30 per cent lower than in 2013”—a surprising claim as neither Russia’s total GDP nor its population had changed that drastically in the years in question. The FT did not provide the source of the number, the method of calculation or the year being compared to 2013. Without these details, the claim could be misconstrued as an indication that Russia’s economy has shrunk by 30% since 2013. However, available data from the IMF and the World Bank do not support such a conclusion. In fact, inflation-adjusted data from the IMF suggest the decline in Russia's GDP per capita from 2013 to 2020 was less than 2%.

Our fact-check's conclusion:

gdp per capita box

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