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Elevation and Calibration: A New Russia Policy for America

Andrew Kuchins December 01, 2016 Partner Posts
With the U.S.-Russia relationship at its most dangerous level since the 1980s, the arrival of a new administration presents an opportunity to clearly evaluate the significant risks current hostilities pose. Containment or deterrence alone cannot mitigate these risks; instead, Washington should pursue a policy of calibration and elevation.

Putin’s Great Patriotic Pseudoscience

Maria Antonova November 29, 2016 Recommended Reads
The rise of pseudoscience is connected to Russia's growing isolation and nationalism.

Putin Didn't Undermine the Election—We Did

Katrina vanden Heuvel November 29, 2016
Anything Russia may have done to discredit the legitimacy of U.S. democracy and presidential elections pales in comparison to the damage America itself has done.

Putin as Bismarck: Ehud Barak on West’s Russia Blind Spots, the Middle East and More

RM staff November 28, 2016 RM Exclusives
In this far-ranging interview Israel’s former PM and defense minister gives his views on Russian-Western tensions, President Vladimir Putin, Syria, ISIS and much more.

Symposium: Advice to President Trump on U.S.-Russia Policy

Carnegie Corporation of New York and The National Interest November 28, 2016 Partner Posts
Can Donald Trump’s election as president revamp the U.S. policy approach to Russia and make bilateral ties more constructive? Prominent experts believe it can.

Small Steps or Grand Bargains?

Angela Stent November 28, 2016 Recommended Reads
A leading expert gives her thoughts on the future of U.S.-Russia relations under President-elect Donald Trump.

Does NATO Need Montenegro?

Charles V. Peña November 28, 2016 Recommended Reads
If European defense is the raison d’être for NATO, it’s hard to see how Montenegro contributes to the alliance.

Trump Marks the End of America as World’s ‘Indispensable Nation’

Robert Kagan November 19, 2016 Recommended Reads
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is uninterested in taking up the burden the U.S. has born for 70 years of assuring global order. 

Survey: What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for US-Russia Relations?

RM experts November 17, 2016 RM Exclusives
While campaigning Donald Trump repeatedly called for improved relations with Russia. As president he will face major challenges in trying to make that a reality. Five Russia experts name a few.

Russia Isn’t Actually That Happy About Trump’s Victory

Ruslan Pukhov November 11, 2016
Despite Donald Trump’s pro-Russia reputation, Moscow has little reason to hope for any major breakthroughs with the new president.

Trump’s Victory Bodes Well for US-Russia Ties, But Expect No Tectonic Shifts

Simon Saradzhyan and William Tobey November 10, 2016 RM Exclusives
Donald Trump may improve the U.S.-Russia relationship, but it will remain fragile because of weak economic ties and fundamental differences over missile defense, NATO expansion and a few other issues.

A Tale of Two Statues: Putin, Stalin and Russia's Bloody Past

Alexander Baunov November 07, 2016 Recommended Reads
Many Russians want a ruler who shows kindness to the masses and a far less forgiving attitude toward elites; Putin's style of rule doesn't quite fit that model.