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Russia and the US: Are National Interests So Different?

Simon Saradzhyan May 10, 2015
Russian and U.S. vital interests converge or have no respective equivalent in all but two domains. This could pave the way to mending fences; however, domestic politics complicate the matter.

US-Russian Relations Beyond Ukraine

Richard Weitz May 01, 2015 Recommended Reads
Beyond Ukraine, the underlying source of conflict is the lack of stakeholders on either side who stand to benefit from improved relations.

Russia and America: Stumbling to War

Graham Allison, Dimitri K. Simes April 20, 2015 Recommended Reads
While defending our vital interests, nuclear powers must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war.

Why Arming Kiev is a Really, Really Bad Idea

Stephen M. Walt February 09, 2015
Arming Ukraine will simply intensify the conflict and add to the suffering of the Ukrainian people.
research paper

Russia’s Breakout From the Post-Cold War System

Dmitri Trenin December 22, 2014 Recommended Reads
In 2014, Russia broke out of the post–Cold War order and openly challenged the U.S.-led international system.

Vladimir Putin's Dicey Dilemma

Graham Allison November 11, 2014 Recommended Reads
After Russia's aggression against Ukraine, Washington crafted a narrative: Russia is a loser that doesn’t matter anymore. How much of that story is true? And what genuine challenges underlie it?
policy brief

Dangerous Brinkmanship

Thomas Frear, Łukasz Kulesa, Ian Kearns November 10, 2014 Partner Posts
Since the Russian annexation of Crimea, the intensity and gravity of incidents involving Russian and Western militaries and security agencies has visibly increased.
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The Sino-Russian Gas Partnership

Morena Skalamera November 01, 2014 Recommended Reads
Putin seeks to show the world and the Russian people that he has alternative friends to the East, but the incentives leading to the mega deal were in place much earlier.

Russia and the Menace of Unreality

Peter Pomerantsev September 09, 2014 Recommended Reads
Russian state information apparatuses achieve their goals not by constructing a widely accepted version of the "truth", but instead by disrupting Western narratives at home and abroad.

The Eternal Collapse of Russia

Paul Starobin August 28, 2014 Recommended Reads
Russia is “a country that’s falling apart,” as a New Republic cover story put it. It’s a hardy theme. It’s also a completely bogus one.

How to Solve the Ukraine Crisis

Graham Allison June 06, 2014 Recommended Reads
Given the complex realities contributing to the war in Ukraine, Graham Allison outlines six recommendations that could help stop the ongoing conflict.

Seven Ways a New Cold War with Russia Will Be Different

Paul J. Saunders May 11, 2014 Recommended Reads
Would a confrontation between the U.S. and Russia be another Cold War or something else entirely? Saunders' seven key differences suggest that such an event may not work in the ways that many expect.