Webinar: Russia, NATO and the Future of War

Sept. 19, 2019, 2:30-3:00pm GMT (registration required)

Join Chatham House for an online seminar on the NATO-Russia relationship in a shifting defense environment. 

The world has drastically changed in the 70 years since NATO's inception. The organization's founding impetus of containing Soviet expansion has since been replaced with an ever shifting array of security problems. Moreover, Russia has argued that NATO's enlargement since 1989 is largely aimed at isolating the country. In this webinar, Tracey German and James Nixey will consider how and why Russia uses NATO enlargement to explain its perception of its relationship with the West. They will examine how the alliance would best stay together in an increasingly complex security environment and how the changing nature of war will affect how the alliance functions.


Tracey German, deputy dean of academic studies, defense studies department, King’s College London

James Nixey, head, Russia and Eurasia program, Chatham House