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Analysis | Sep 12, 2021
In this episode of the SRB podcast, Michael Kofman and Dmitry Gorenburg discuss recent developments in the Russian military.
Digest | Sep 10, 2021
Analysis | Sep 09, 2021
Because the author considers the West’s Ukraine policies likely to end in backlash, he submits that they cannot be in the national interest of the United States.
Event | Sep 10, 2021
Join the Wilson Center for a panel discussion on what developments in Afghanistan mean for Russian and Chinese interests and for their relations with Afghanistan.
Analysis | Sep 09, 2021
Graham T. Allison, Paul Pillar and Jessica Stern discuss how the United States should deal with terrorism in the aftermath of its military withdrawal from Afghanistan and with friends and rivals abroad to secure vital security interests today.
Analysis | Sep 08, 2021
U.S.-Russian cooperation in the initial stages of the Afghan war appeared to be transformative. Today, it is instructive to ask why the anti-terror partnership collapsed and what the Taliban’s victory might mean for future relations.
Event | Sep 24, 2021
Join PONARS Eurasia for a conference on US-Russia relations, security and geopolitics topics with leading experts from around the world.

Event | Sep 30, 2021
Join the Davis Center for a discussion on how Russia and China will react to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and a changing Central Asian security environment.