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Digest | Jun 07, 2021
The Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group urges government leaders to develop mutual security strategy; Rogov considers Lukashenko's static role in Russian affairs; and more in our weekly analysis digest.
Analysis | Jun 04, 2021
At the Putin-Biden summit, both sides will likely be looking for low-hanging fruits—issues they can easily agree upon that stand to advance U.S. and Russian interests with minimal concessions. In our latest exclusive, Simon Saradzhyan considers low-hanging fruits, like scientific cooperation, and more ambitious topics, such as rules of the road in the cyber domain.
Digest | Jun 04, 2021
Biden expects to pressure Putin about cyber attacks and human rights in Geneva; Putin announces Nord Stream 2 gas deliveries could be as few as 10 days away; and more in our weekly news digest.
Event | Jun 15, 2021
Join the Davis Center for a panel discussion on the implications in the South Caucasus of the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war and Russia-brokered peace agreement.
Analysis | Jun 03, 2021
In this episode of Sean's Russia Blog, host Sean Guillory talks with Thomas Graham about the new “Cold War,” the United States, Russia and China.
Event | Jun 15, 2021
Join the Brookings Institution for a discussion with Kathryn E. Stoner on her new book, Russia Resurrected: Its Power and Purpose in a New Global Order.
Digest | Jun 02, 2021
Stronski and Weiss consider what may be to blame for a lack of serious analysis of great power competition within Russia; Shagina considers a post-SWIFT future for Russia; and more in our weekly analysis digest.
Analysis | Jun 02, 2021
Seven years after threats were first made to cut Russia off from SWIFT, how well is Russia prepared to cope with disconnection from Western payment systems?
Digest | May 28, 2021
Gen. Milley: Peace with Russia, China is “fraying,” Putin and Lavrov call Russia’s relations with China "best in history”
Event | Jun 02, 2021
Join the Kennan Institute for a conversation with Lyubov Sobol as she discusses her experience as an independent politician and what one can expect from the future of Russian domestic politics.