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Analysis | October 16, 2016

Course Correction

To bolster its global leadership role and advance its national-security interests, the U.S. needs a serious and purposeful strategy. Continued weakness and recklessness, however, could worsen trouble in critical regions of the world.
Analysis | October 05, 2016

What Does Putin Want?

The next administration's U.S. policy towards Russia must begin with Putin's two overriding personal objectives: reasserting Russian international power and securing his own domestic power.
Analysis | September 30, 2016

America's Awesome Military

U.S. defense experts call to maintain, if not increase, U.S. military budget while diverting funding to areas with most need.
Analysis | September 23, 2016

The Coming Of The Russian Jihad: Part I

The spread of Russian as the lingua franca among some jihadists is indicative of explosive internationalization and vastly expanded recruitment patterns among what might be called the Russian Jihad.
Facts | September 22, 2016