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Event | March 06, 2018

Ukraine’s Security Scenarios

Andreas Umland, a senior fellow with the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, discusses the security situation in Ukraine.
Event | March 06, 2018

Is This a New Cold War?

Professors Steven Walt and Robert Legvold discuss whether the U.S. and Russia are entering a new Cold War.
Event | March 08, 2018

The Interplay between Public Opinion and Domestic Policy

Matthew Baum, a professor of global communications at the Kennedy School of Government, and
Sophie Shevarnadze, a journalist for RT, discuss the relationship between public opinion and domestic policy.
Event | March 15, 2018

Putin's Pantheon: Saints, Tsars, and Executioners

Maria (Masha) Lipman, a Russian political analyst and media specialist, speaks about the Kremlin’s ideology, which might look rigid, but is in fact improvisational, blurry, full of contradictions, and riddled with ideological—and potentially, political—divisions.