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Analysis | Sep 03, 2021
In this episode of Sean's Russia Blog, host and Eurasia expert Sean Guillory talks with Alexander Morrison on his new book, "The Russian Conquest of Central Asia," published by Cambridge University Press.
Analysis | Sep 01, 2021
Maria Lipman chats with Denis Volkov, Naira Davlashyan and Peter Slevin about why COVID-19 vaccination rates are still so low across the globe, comparing vaccine hesitant constituencies across Russia, France and the United States.
Analysis | Aug 31, 2021
Rapid economic growth requires reforms; reforms frighten entrenched elites; lack of economic growth will eventually force the regime to change—though whether this means more democratization or more repressiveness remains to be seen.
Analysis | Aug 31, 2021
As Russia prepares to hold exercises in its western regions again, we hear warnings that Moscow will use the wargames as cover for aggression against another country; however, the conditions necessary for a Russian military intervention are absent.
Event | Sep 22, 2021
Join Harvard's Negotiation Task Force and the Project on Managing the Atom for a discussion on arms control and the New START Treaty with Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO Rose Gottemoeller.
Digest | Aug 27, 2021
Event | Sep 08, 2021
Join CSIS for a panel discussion on the potential military and budgetary implications of future NATO expansion.
Event | Sep 29, 2021
Join the Davis Center for a discussion on how Russians are interpreting the U.S. exit from Kabul and the opportunities it may create for Russia.
Event | Nov 10, 2021
Join the Jordan Center at NYU for a discussion of how the cancellation of elections in Russia’s large cities has affected public attitudes toward the authorities.