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Event | Feb 27, 2018
Anna Veduta, the global outreach director for Meduza, a preeminent source for professional independent reporting on Russia, discusses media and politics in the country ahead of the presidential election in March.
Event | Feb 18, 2018
Wolfgang Drechsler, professor of Governance at Tallinn University of Technology, discusses the development of Public Administration, both in practice and theory, in the former ‘Second World.'
Event | Mar 05, 2018
Alexander Hug, principal deputy chief monitor for OSCE's Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, offers an on-the-ground perspective on the SMM's efforts to reduce tensions and promote normalization in the country's east.
Event | Mar 06, 2018
Andreas Umland, a senior fellow with the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, discusses the security situation in Ukraine.
Event | Mar 06, 2018
Professors Steven Walt and Robert Legvold discuss whether the U.S. and Russia are entering a new Cold War.
Event | Mar 08, 2018
Professors Igor Istomin and Rawi Abdelal discuss Russian foreign policy and the notion of the "recovering power."
Event | Mar 08, 2018
Matthew Baum, a professor of global communications at the Kennedy School of Government, and
Sophie Shevarnadze, a journalist for RT, discuss the relationship between public opinion and domestic policy.
Event | Mar 09, 2018
Andrei Yakovlev and Thomas Remington discuss their recent paper, which posits that Tatarstan and other stronger Russian regions can take advantage of the current crisis to transition to a new economic development model resembling developmental states in Southeast Asia.
Event | Mar 15, 2018
Maria (Masha) Lipman, a Russian political analyst and media specialist, speaks about the Kremlin’s ideology, which might look rigid, but is in fact improvisational, blurry, full of contradictions, and riddled with ideological—and potentially, political—divisions.
Event | Feb 22, 2018
Dimitar Bechev, director of the the European Policy Institute, discusses the dynamics of Russian-Turkish relations on a range of issues including the war in Syria, security affairs in the Black Sea and the post-Soviet space, energy and trade, as well as the implications for the U.S. and Europe.