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Analysis | July 11, 2019

Russia’s FDI Outlook Grim, with No Chinese Rescue in Sight

Investment in Russia has plummeted for many reasons, both in and out of Moscow’s control. Meanwhile, the country is drifting toward an increasingly closed economy, with interest groups jostling for pieces of the state-funded pie.
Event | July 18, 2019

Panel Discussion on Russia and China Coordination

Join the U.S. Institute of Peace and the Partnership for a Secure America for a panel discussion on coordination between Russia and China in the areas of defense, energy, finance, infrastructure and trade, with Jacob Stokes and Andrea Kendall-Taylor.
Analysis | July 03, 2019

The Paradox of American Russophobia

The Russian government’s use of Russophobia to chastise critics is nothing new, but this doesn’t mean Russophobia doesn’t exist. It’s a way of “displacing an internal conflict to an external object symbolically related to the conflict.”
Analysis | July 02, 2019

From Foreign Policy Gambles to Gangster Geopolitics: RM's Most Popular Reads

Did Putin's gamble in Ukraine pay off? Is the Kremlin using gangsters as foreign-policy levers? How much did the Russian Orthodox Church help revive the country’s military and nuclear complex? How likely is an alliance between Moscow and Beijing? Find answers to these questions and many more in the latest crop of our most popular reads. Check them out below. 

Top 10 of 2019 (so far)

1. 5 Years Since Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine: Has Putin’s Gamble Paid Off? by Simon Saradzhyan

2. Gangster Geopolitics: The Kremlin’s Use of Criminals as Assets Abroad by Mark Galeotti 

3. How Much Did Orthodox Church Help Revive Russia’s Military and Nuclear Complex? by Dmitry Gorenburg

4. Russia’s National Projects: Economic Reboot or Mucky Bog? by Ben Aris

5. How Big a Threat Is Russia? An Interview With Graham Allison by RM Staff
Analysis | July 01, 2019

The Osaka Meeting: Is the Tide Turning in US-Russian Relations?

The latest meeting of Trump and Putin might mark the beginning of a new stage in bilateral relations, one of more intensive dialogue. Even if it does, rapid progress on any of the many divisive issues of world order, regional conflicts and values is unlikely.