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Event | Mar 02, 2021
Join the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute for an online talk with several experts on their essays regarding national institutions, elites, governance and state-society relations in Russia.
Event | Mar 15, 2021
Join Columbia University's Harriman Institute for an online event with Ronald Suny on his book, "Stalin: Passage to Revolution."
Digest | Feb 19, 2021
Post | Feb 19, 2021
As President Joe Biden settles into the Oval Office, he has filled the upper echelons of his new administration with officials who have vocally supported sanctions against Russia. While it is difficult to predict specific changes to the existing sanctions regime, now targeting more than 700 Russian individuals and organizations, it is reasonable to assume that Washington will continue using these economic tools to pressure Moscow, even while conducting a review of the measures currently in place. Some high-level pro-sanctions officials in Washington have expressed openness to seeking common ground with Russia in areas where the two countries’ interests converge, so there is room to hope that the new administration may try to assess the sanctions’ effectiveness in advancing U.S. interests. Nonetheless, for now, near-term changes to the U.S. sanctions policy toward Russia seem more likely to be tweaks than overhauls, and they will be shaped by a mix of foreign-policy considerations, domestic political pressures and lessons learned.
Analysis | Feb 18, 2021
In America’s current political climate, it is hardly surprising that Biden’s key subordinates have spoken skeptically about Russia and the prospects for U.S.-Russian relations.
Event | Feb 23, 2021
Join the Wilson Center for an online talk about race, racism and diversity in the Slavic and Eurasian studies field.
Event | Feb 25, 2021
Join the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute for an online event marking the 75th anniversary of George Kennan's Long Telegram.
Event | Feb 18, 2021
Join PONARS for a book launch featuring new books from Evgeny Finkel, Scott Gehlbach, Bryn Rosenfeld and David Szakonyi.
Event | Feb 19, 2021
Join PONARS for an online discussion of public opinion surveys carried out in the Donbas.
Event | Mar 05, 2021
Join the Central Asia Program at George Washington University's Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies for an online talk with Edward Schatz (University of Toronto) on his new book, "Slow Anti-Americanism: Social Movements and Symbolic Politics in Central Asia."