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Post | Feb 21, 2020
Several polls just released by the Levada Center on Russians’ attitudes toward foreign countries, show that Russians’ animosities toward the West, which increased notably after the color revolution in Kyiv that Brussels supported, are declining. As many as 67 percent of Russians believe their country should treat the West as a partner, according to the poll, which the Levada Center conducted in January and released in February. The previous such poll was conducted in June 2018, at which time 61 percent of Russians believed the West should be treated as Russia’s partner. In contrast, the share of Russians who think their country should treat the West as an enemy or competitor declined from 21 percent in June 2018 to 19 percent in January 2020.
Digest | Feb 21, 2020
Event | Feb 27, 2020
Join PONARS for a talk with Dinissa Duvanova on the Russian regulatory state. This talk is part of the New Voices on Russia speaker series. 
Event | Mar 05, 2020
Join Chatham House for an expert roundtable on the current state of and interconnections between human and social capital in Russia.
Analysis | Feb 20, 2020
While sharply disagreeing with Russia on key issues and containing its expansion where it matters to us, we should engage it in multiple areas where we have common interests.
Analysis | Feb 19, 2020
In this episode of Sean's Russia Blog, host and Eurasia expert Sean Guillory speaks with Vasili Rukhadze, a visiting lecturer of political science at the University of Pittsburgh, about post-color revolution regimes.
Digest | Feb 14, 2020
Analysis | Feb 13, 2020
Failing to discuss and develop strategies and policies that accept and manage spheres of influence could prove quite costly for the U.S.—indeed, it already has.