Russian military equipment firing.

Of Armaments and Armenia

May 08, 2018
Center for Strategic and International Studies
This podcast originally appeared on the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) website. 

In this episode of Russian Roulette, CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program expert Olga Oliker sits down with Leonid Nersisyan, military analyst at the REGNUM Information Agency and editor in chief of the Moscow-based New Defense Order Strategy magazine. The two discuss the state of military analysis in Russia, including Nersisyan’s experience running a military affairs magazine; the Russian military-industrial complex and how defense contracts work in Russia; some of Russia’s new strategic systems; and the INF treaty and the future of U.S.-Russia arms control. Then, Oliker and fellow CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program expert Jeff Mankoff sit down for a current affairs segment, where they tackle the latest political developments in Armenia, which has had a very exciting few weeks of protests, culminating in a new prime minister.