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Analysis | Jul 01, 2020
The probability of Russia resorting to a Crimea-style intervention in the Baltics remains low. As a key energy supplier and major trading partner for the region, Russia has more to gain by using economic levers as opposed to military ones to retain influence.
Event | Jul 06, 2020
Join GWU's Central Asia Program for an online talk on the coronavirus situation in Central Asia.
Post | Jul 01, 2020
Russians’ trust and approval for President Vladimir Putin has slightly increased from low points in May and April, although it is still significantly lower than in previous years, according to a poll conducted June 27-28 by independent polling organization, the Levada Center. The percentage of respondents who approve of Putin’s actions as president has fallen from 79 percent in 2018 to 60 percent in June of this year. Previously, Putin’s approval dropped precipitously from 69 percent in February 2020 to an all-time low of 59 percent in April 2020, coinciding with the spread of the novel coronavirus in Russia. It has since regained a percentage point.
Analysis | Jun 29, 2020
In this episode of FPRI's Bear Market Brief, host and Eurasia expert Aaron Schwartzbaum speaks with Michael Kofman, director of the Russia Studies Program at CNA, on Russia's military.
Digest | Jun 26, 2020
Analysis | Jun 25, 2020
The aim of the amendments is to keep Putin’s—and Russia's—portfolio of possibilities as wide as possible while reinforcing Russia’s sovereignty from the international scene and the country’s self-reliance.
Event | Jun 30, 2020
Join CSIS for an online talk with Heather A. Conley, Michael Kofman and Katarzyna Zysk on Russia's military posture in the Arctic.
Event | Jun 30, 2020
Join the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute for an online talk with Tyler Kirk on the history of gulags in Russia's Komi Republic and why this history is emblematic of processes that unfolded throughout the world’s first socialist state as it came to an end.