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Digest | Jul 30, 2021
Strategic stability talks in Geneva were 'professional and substantive,' State Department says; the yuan accounted for 17.4% of bilateral trade settlements between China and Russia in 2020; and more in this week's Russian news digest.
Analysis | Jul 29, 2021
Do Beijing and Moscow have sufficient influence to oversee a managed transition, contain any spillover of violence, and provide reassurance to anxious Afghanistan neighbors? The whole region is about to find out.
Event | Aug 04, 2021
Join the Atlantic Council for a panel discussion on global security trends, challenges in the Black Sea and the future of security cooperation.
Post | Jul 29, 2021
The plane, nicknamed “Judgement Day Plane” by the Russian media, is designed to enable Russia’s military-political leadership to exercise nuclear command, control, and communications (N3) in the event of a nuclear war while airborne. The N3 plane will carry domestically made equipment only and that equipment would allow those on board to send launch commands to intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.
Analysis | Jul 27, 2021
Ahead of bilateral talks in Geneva, leading arms control experts weigh in on the means and ends of strategic stability.
Digest | Jul 26, 2021
'A frenemy alliance with the United States to counter the material danger posed by China is highly unlikely as long as Putin's regime continues,' writes Mark Haas; worst-case scenarios have been avoided in Ukraine not because Russia has been coerced into backing down but because of the unspoken moderation of Western policy, writes Kimmage; and more in this week's analytical digest.
Digest | Jul 23, 2021
Moscow and Washington have already held multiple rounds of talks on cyber since the beginning of Biden’s presidency; U.S. intelligence has nicknamed the new Russian jet “Screamer,” and more in this week’s Russian analytical digest.
Event | Jul 26, 2021
Join the Wilson Center for a discussion on journalist Marvin Kalb's latest book, "Assignment Russia: Becoming a Foreign Correspondent in the Crucible of the Cold War."
Post | Jul 22, 2021
At a recent CFTNI event, both speakers pointed to the U.S.-Soviet Incidents at Sea Agreement of 1972 as a model for a bilateral cyber deal.
Analysis | Jul 21, 2021
Russia's return to the Middle East must be assessed from the perspective of regional actors, namely how they seek to use competition between Moscow and Washington for their own strategic benefit, our latest exclusive argues.