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Event | December 02, 2018

Red Horizon: A Strategic War Game on US-Russia-China-EU Relations

Join Harvard's Davis Center Negotiation Task Force for a 1-day immersive global crisis exercise that offers an opportunity for international and national security practitioners with government, academic, military and NGO backgrounds to practice advanced negotiation and decision-making skills in a highly realistic international crisis scenario.
Analysis | August 16, 2018

How Much Do Americans Care About Russia?

Ordinary Americans care more about children’s upbringing than about Russia, claims Seth Ackerman, executive editor of Jacobin. In a July 19 post on the magazine’s blog, Ackerman writes: “[O]utside the self-enclosed vivarium that is the Twitter-cable-news-late-night-show axis, nobody actually cares about the Russia issue. In last month’s Gallup poll, less than 0.5 percent of Americans mentioned ‘the situation with Russia’ as the most important problem facing the country—coming in just behind ‘Children’s behavior/Way they are raised’ and far behind ‘Poverty/Hunger/Homelessness.’”

Ackerman’s interpretation of the Gallup poll is attention-grabbing, but somewhat misleading. In surveys, after all, much depends on the way questions are framed and the answer options available. While the open-ended poll cited by Ackerman asks respondents to name the “most important problem” facing the U.S., other surveys ask them to rank “threats” from an array of choices. A look at several polls from recent years suggests that Americans see Russia as more of a threat than Ackerman acknowledges, though not as a significant domestic concern.
Event | September 24, 2018

Putin's Fourth Term: What Lies Ahead

 Join CERES for a day-long conference on the prospects for Putin's fourth term, featuring panels with prominent Russia experts.
Analysis | August 07, 2018

When Does Vladimir Putin’s Russia Send In Troops?

Examining Putin’s three military interventions abroad, the author sees a pattern in which two conditions must be present for Russia to intervene with force: a threat to its vital interests and a reasonable chance of success.
Analysis | August 04, 2018

Politics Surpasses Satire in Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky, a comedian who plays a teacher unwittingly elected president of Ukraine in a popular television show, is in some polls Ukraine’s second most popular presidential candidate, beaten only by veteran populist Yulia Tymoshenko. Petro Poroshenko, the incumbent, scores just 5 percent.