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From Cockroaches to Weather: What’s Russia Weaponizing?

December 13, 2017
RM Staff

In a Foreign Affairs essay published online in December 2017, former Vice President Joe Biden accused Russia of weaponizing corruption, among other things. “Russia has invaded neighboring countries… More frequently and more insidiously, it has sought to weaken and subvert Western democracies from the inside by weaponizing information, cyberspace, energy and corruption,” he wrote together with his co-author, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Carpenter. Biden’s observation made us wonder what else Russia has been accused of weaponizing in recent years. Here’s the list we have come up  with:

Bigotry (The Daily Beast, 10.19.18)

Disability (Euromaidan Press, 03.28.17)

Dolphins (AFP, 03.09.16)

Energy sector (The Hill, 10.17.17)

Facebook (Bloomberg, 08.07.18)

Federalism (Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 12.04.15)

Fossil fuel supplies (EU Observer, 11.30.18)

History (Russian Life Magazine, July/August 2007)

Hybrid business (RFE/RL, 07.20.16)

Infrastructure underpining democratic societies (Foreign Affairs, 12.11.18)

Interdependence (Financial Times, 12.05.18)

Its financial default (Russia Insider, 09.19.15)

Its national trauma (Read Russia, 09.18.15)

Its own population (Real Clear World, 12.03.17)

Journalists (ECFR, 05.19.16)

Media (The Atlantic, 04.21.15)

Migration (BBC, 03.02.16)

Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline (RFE/RL, 05.28.18)

Pop singers and rock stars (ECFR, 05.19.16)

Puppies (AP, 01.02.18)

Racism in the U.S. (CNN, 07.02.18)

Requests to Interpol to issue Red Notices (The Atlantic, 07.30.18)

Robotic cockroaches (Modern Notion, 09.28.15)

Social media (NPR, 11.05.17)

Syrian refugees (RFE/RL, 02.19.16)

Twitter (Bloomberg, 08.07.18)

Weather (Daily Mail, 02.15.15)

Updated Dec. 11, 2018.

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