NSRI Conference 2019—Rethinking the Nuclear Future: Perspectives From Europe and America

Dec. 12-15, 2019
Hamburg, Germany

Join the Nuclear Studies Research Initiative (NSRI) for their 2019 conference on reexamining the fundamental questions of the nuclear studies field, from technological advancements to questions of strategy and proliferation policy. 

NSRI, in collaboration with the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH), is proud to announce the 2019 NSRI Conference, Rethinking the Nuclear Future: Perspectives from Europe and America, which will take place in Hamburg, Germany from Dec. 12-15, 2019. Scholarship on nuclear issues has flourished in the past decade, which presents an opportunity to assess the contributions of past and current research. This year’s conference is committed to reexamining the fundamental questions of the field, from technological advancements to questions of strategy and proliferation policy. They encourage papers that take a broader “big think” approach, such as synthesizing across literatures and debates or taking on reevaluations of core questions. They invite scholars to submit proposals for papers on new ideas that would benefit from the cross disciplinary examination NSRI offers or on any of the topics detailed in the announcement, broadly defined. NSRI and IFSH will cover transportation and lodging for conference participants.

World Order 

  • Implications of nuclear weapons for grand strategy and world order


  • Challenges related to non-singular goals for nuclear weapons
  • Arms control bargaining dynamics; prospects for future (multilateral and multidimensional) agreements
  • Nuclear weapons effects on deterrence and compellence; effects on broader peace and conflict
  • Integration of nuclear with other military strategy (including conventional, cyber, space)
  • Nuclear weapons and crisis stability 


  • Intersection of counter-proliferation policy and nuclear strategy
  • Nuclear proliferation policies and regimes under multilateral/ multipolar conditions


  • Consequences of emerging technology on nuclear proliferation, strategy, arms control, or nuclear crisis stability

Abstracts are due by Aug. 17, 2019.