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Event | Jan 12, 2018
Join the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute for a presentation by Daniil Turovsky on the mechanics and motivations of Russian hacking.
Event | Jan 29, 2018
Roger McDermott examines how and why Russia’s military has turned its attention to more fully exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum by employing electronic warfare (EW) assets.
Event | Jan 18, 2018
Yuval Weber focuses on the issues facing President Putin the day after the elections and especially the various economic reform plans that have emerged as the largest substantive policy issue for the election.
Event | Jan 18, 2018
Join the Harriman Institute and Columbia Global Policy Initiative for a conference on the transnational issues of migration and forced migration, taking a comparative approach that considers the European, Eurasian, and North American cases.
Event | Jan 23, 2018
A panel of journalists, academics and media experts discuss the U.S. government's November 2017 decision to label Russia Today as a foreign agent in an event hosted by the Harriman Institute and the Columbia Journalism School.
Event | Jan 25, 2018
Join the Wilson Center's Abraham Denmark, Matthew Rojansky, and Robert Daly for a discussion on the future of Russia and China's plans for a better connected Eurasia.
Event | Jan 25, 2018
This seminar will present Chinese and Russian ideas about global order and international law that emerged during the Cold War, trace their historical antecedents, and present contemporaneous reactions to these views from policymakers in the U.S. government.

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