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The Cold War Is Over. The Cyber War Has Begun.

David Ignatius September 16, 2016 Recommended Reads
The United States must develop a new cybersecurity strategy to defend against an increasingly aggressive Russia.

How to Negotiate With Putin on Anything

James Stavridis September 14, 2016 Recommended Reads
Former NATO supreme allied commander advises the United States to develop new strategies in approaching negotiations with Russia.

Why Russia is Discrediting American Democracy

Paul R. Pillar September 07, 2016 Recommended Reads
Trust in American democracy—and the worthiness of that democracy in receiving such trust—is an important asset for the United States, and one that is relevant to international competition with Russia.

Ukraine’s Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

Nicolai N. Petro September 07, 2016 Recommended Reads
Amidst the brewing domestic political storm, the struggle for the right to define Ukrainian identity has become a “perpetual war, for perpetual peace,” a peace that can only come when all the enemies of Ukraine, at home and abroad, are fully vanquished.

Reviving Arms Control in Europe

Frank-Walter Steinmeier August 26, 2016 Recommended Reads
With geopolitical tensions rising across Europe, European security needs to become a top priority once more.

The Sources of Russian Conduct

Thomas Graham August 24, 2016 Recommended Reads
No longer is it possible to maintain that Russia is being integrated, albeit slowly and fitfully, into the West. Moreover, Russia itself is no longer interested in integration. Rather, it presents itself as a unique construct, intent on challenging the U.S.-led world order across a broad front.
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Wargaming NATO's Defense of the Baltics

David A. Shlapak and Michael Johnson August 23, 2016 Recommended Reads
The games’ findings are unambiguous: At present NATO cannot successfully defend the territory of its most exposed members; fortunately, changing that will not require Herculean effort.

The Russian World in Moscow’s Strategy

Igor Zevelev August 22, 2016 Recommended Reads
The concepts of "compatriots" and "the Russian World" were created as tools to allow Moscow to honor post-Soviet borders and address the concerns of those who did not perceive them as fully legitimate. However, in 2014, these ideas were put to different purposes.

Why Russia Values a Non-Nuclear Iran More Than Higher Oil Prices

Simon Saradzhyan August 11, 2016 Recommended Reads
Although it could have benefited from the failure of nuclear talks with Iran, Russia still chose to support the July 2015 deal. The possible reasons why Moscow chose to support the deal provide a lesson for world leaders looking to build a constructive relationship with Russia on the basis of shared interest.

How Dangerous Is Russia?

Nikolas K. Gvosdev July 30, 2016 Recommended Reads
Russia’s military may have only a fraction of the U.S. military's capabilities and equipment, but that is still far more than any other post-Soviet state. It is even enough to pose a challenge to European militaries.

The Unlikely Origins of Russia's Manifest Destiny

Charles Clover July 27, 2016 Recommended Reads
British academic Sir Halford Mackinde failed to gain much traction in the early twentieth century with his theory of the historical importance of geography. Today, far-right Russian political figures use his ideas as the theoretical basis for aggressive foreign policy.

Why Putin Prefers Trump

Mikhail Zygar July 27, 2016 Recommended Reads
Putin supports leaders whose motivations he understands. With his cynicism and overt power-seeking, Trump fits the bill.