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Analysis | Jun 28, 2019
If Moscow is indeed militarizing the Russian Arctic, the military build-up and the Kremlin’s intentions are, at least for now, defensive in nature.
Analysis | May 15, 2019
While Pompeo delivered a doomsday sermon on the region becoming an "arena for power and for competition," Lavrov articulated the need for "deeper state-to-state cooperation."
Analysis | Mar 25, 2019
2019 presents four clear windows for increased competition in the Arctic.
Analysis | Feb 27, 2019
Recent U.S. strategic documents portray Russia as a competitor of the United States and an unambiguous rival. Yet in the Arctic, Russia is also a neighbor with whom trivial matters need to be discussed and de-conflicted before they become nontrivial.
Analysis | May 02, 2016
For now, the Northern Sea Route remains a bluff, like, in general, all of Russia’s plans to develop the Arctic.
Analysis | Sep 08, 2013
Despite media claims, China's use of trans-Arctic shipping does not indicate a shift toward the increased importance of the Northern Sea Route.