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Event | Dec 05, 2019
Join Georgetown University's Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies for a talk by Ivan Safranchuk, a senior research fellow at MGIMO University on Russia's changing views of the world order.
Event | Dec 06, 2019
Join the Harvard Belfer Center's Project on Managing the Atom for a day-long conference marking the 25th anniversary of the Budapest Memorandum on security assurances to Ukraine in connection with its accession to the NPT as a non-nuclear weapons state. The conference, which is co-sponsored by the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations (CUSUC) and the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI) will take place at the Charles Hotel on Friday, December 6th, 2019. 
Event | Dec 05, 2019
Join the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) for a talk with Rachel Salzman on her recent book, "Russia, BRICS, and the Disruption of Global Order" (Georgetown University Press), which tells the story of how and why Russia pushed to establish the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the role BRICS plays in Russian foreign policy in the context of U.S.-Russian relations.
Event | Dec 04, 2019
Join the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute for a talk with Zeev Levin, head of the Central Asian Unit at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on the future of the division of power and relations between the government and political parties in Uzbekistan.
Event | Dec 10, 2019
Join the Wilson Center's Kennan Center for a conference on the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. The conference will explore the events leading to and influencing the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe in the Autumn of 1989. A panel comprised of former officers from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and scholars will discuss the ways in which analysis from the time informed policymakers, assisting them in formulating the US policies and response to Communism’s collapse in the region.
Event | Dec 02, 2019
Join the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) for a talk on how Russia’s stagnant and apparently small economy managed to support a rapid expansion of military capabilities.
Event | Dec 12, 2019
Join the Nuclear Studies Research Initiative (NSRI) for their 2019 conference on reexamining the fundamental questions of the nuclear studies field, from technological advancements to questions of strategy and proliferation policy.