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policy brief

Managing Hazardous Incidents in the Euro-Atlantic Area: A New Plan of Action

Łukasz Kulesa, Thomas Frear, Denitsa Raynova November 02, 2016 Partner Posts
Dangerous military-military and military-civilian incidents involving ships or aircraft of Russia, NATO member states and third parties continue to pose a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security. This new report offers the most comprehensive public study of the problem to date.

'You Americans Never Learn': How Valdai Showcased Putin's Terms for US-Russia Cooperation

Andrew Kuchins October 28, 2016 Partner Posts
Putin’s broad message seemed to be that, while deeply frustrated by U.S. policies that seemingly defy Russian interests, Moscow will want to work with and engage with the incoming administration.

European Security Reform Holds Key to Breaking Stalemate in Ukraine

Simon Saradzhyan October 27, 2016 RM Exclusives
The conflict in eastern Ukraine is unlikely to be resolved until the underlying demands of the key stakeholders are met. A new European security charter may be the answer.

Obama’s Russia Policy: A Post Mortem and Lessons for the Next President

Nikolas K. Gvosdev October 26, 2016 RM Exclusives
A series of de facto compromises in 2009 provided space for the reset. Today U.S.-Russia relations face more contentious and urgent issues, without any readily apparent “easy pickings” on the agenda.

Toward a New Russia Policy for America

Thomas Graham October 25, 2016 RM Exclusives
With attention to the realities of today’s world order and a disciplined pursuit of our priorities, we should be able to craft a relationship with Russia that is sufficient to our strategic tasks.

Survey: Does Russia Matter?

RM experts October 24, 2016 RM Exclusives
Vis-à-vis the U.S., Russia has recently been called everything from a “declining power” to an “existential threat.” We asked a dozen experts: Does Russia matter—why or why not?

Doomed to Cooperate: On U.S.-Russian Nuclear Interdependence

Siegfried S. Hecker October 21, 2016 RM Exclusives
The hard-won cooperation that kept nukes from spilling out of the disintegrating USSR and into the hands of those who would use them has been replaced with animosity and a freeze on genuine collaboration.

Course Correction

Dimitri K. Simes, Pratik Chougule and Paul J. Saunders October 16, 2016 Recommended Reads
To bolster its global leadership role and advance its national-security interests, the U.S. needs a serious and purposeful strategy. Continued weakness and recklessness, however, could worsen trouble in critical regions of the world.

What Does Putin Want?

Gerald F. Hyman October 05, 2016 Recommended Reads
The next administration's U.S. policy towards Russia must begin with Putin's two overriding personal objectives: reasserting Russian international power and securing his own domestic power.

America's Awesome Military

Michael O'Hanlon and David Petraeus September 30, 2016 Recommended Reads
U.S. defense experts call to maintain, if not increase, U.S. military budget while diverting funding to areas with most need.

The Coming Of The Russian Jihad: Part I

Leon Aron September 23, 2016
The spread of Russian as the lingua franca among some jihadists is indicative of explosive internationalization and vastly expanded recruitment patterns among what might be called the Russian Jihad.

Why US Policy on Russia Is Stuck in Neutral

Nikolas K. Gvosdev September 20, 2016 Recommended Reads
The U.S. faces in Russia a resurging power that does not accept the post-Cold War settlement, that no longer believes it will be given a substantive position within the Euro-Atlantic world and, therefore, is more prepared to dispute U.S. global and regional leadership. Without clear answers to questions posed by Russia's resurgence, U.S. policy cannot move forward.